20160812_173947-1-1Southwest Lawns of Nashville Crew

Southwest Lawns was founded in 1986 by Richard Furman after retiring from a sixteen year career as a professional drummer. Much to his surprise, the music business proved to have been great training ground for dealing with customers (working with musicians requires much diplomacy & sensitivity).

Having started a family, he knew that success was imperative. Through classes at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, taking courses in turf & landscape management at TSU, joining professional organizations, & networking with knowledgeable mentors, he gained the ability to approach his business in a responsible way.

Cindy Furman came on board in 1996 after a long career as a backup singer. Trained by Richard, she became a master gardener while also taking over the company management.

COMPANY MOTTO: “No customer left unsatisfied”

Company principles:  Don’t strive to the biggest, strive to be the best. For lasting success you must practice the WIN, WIN, WIN philosophy: inclusive of customers, employees, & the company. Get a clear understanding up front of what a customer expects, & then exceed those expectations.”

We have a highly trained, experienced, & courteous staff who enjoy their work & making our customers happy.

We promise to respond in person to phone calls whenever possible & to any messages or e-mails the same day or at least within 24 hours.

If there are any concerns with service provided we would like to hear about them ASAP so that we can address them or correct them in a timely manner.