Company Policies


We adhere to the policy of “
WIN, WIN, WIN”, meaning that that what we do must be a positive experience for our customers, employees, & company.

Open & clear communication is a must, & we want to be the first to know if there are any concerns. Any issues will be addressed, if not the same day, within 24 hours.

Southwest Lawns employs a highly trained, experienced, & courteous staff who enjoy their work & exceeding customer expectations.

Trust is something that must be earned. Every job is a new opportunity to earn our customers’ trust, respect, & appreciation. We are thankful for each opportunity.

We are striving to be the best company around, not the biggest.

Going green

Our focus has always been to use the most natural & environmentally friendly practices possible when performing our work. We use mowers with high horsepower engines & mulching decks resulting in wide dispersal of fine particles of clippings. This provides immediate & natural Nitrogen availability for the turf (necessary for green color & growth) as opposed to heavy clippings which stifle growth.

For feeding plants, we use organic & natural fertilizers instead of those with man-made chemicals. For plant & tree installations, we amend the soil with a 5 or 6 different organic products, including naturally occurring minerals, worm castings, & pine bark fines.

Our turf program is going more & more towards organic instead of chemical products for lawn treatments.

The best weed preventative is a good stand of grass, so producing healthy grass is the primary focus of our turf program.