Frequently Asked Questions

How do you bill?

That is customer’s choice. We offer monthly statements, due by the 15 th, annual contracts, or invoices per each job. For larger jobs, payment is due upon completion. If there are considerable material expenses, we may ask for partial deposit up front. Full payment is not expected until the customer is satisfied with the value they have received.

For regular mowing service, what is the frequency?

Again, this is customer’s choice. We ask customers to choose a tentative frequency for spring. We automatically extend frequency in times of hot weather & drought, according to customer preferences.

Do you offer landscape design?

Yes!!! We can handle any & all of your landscape needs in a professional & personalized manner.

How do you handle leaf removal?

We convert equipment to mulching decks & blades in the fall. This enables us to disintegrate grass & leaves, as long as it is mostly dry. This is normally performed over several late fall visits, depending on the quantity of leaves. It is also an excellent time to clean gutters for our residential customers.